thano (thano) wrote,

Title: Viva la Cerdo!
Rating: PG-13 (on the safe side)
Word Count: 495-ish, not counting spare punctuation
Warnings: Excessively silly.

"So, genius, what now?"

He was quiet, for once. Neku lowered the volume on his headphones and gave Joshua a look. This was ridiculous. He and Shiki had left those green Noise symbols alone (after all, was it a good kind of green, or a bad kind, or an "Hell No" kind? Was it even green? Scanning was really subjective, now that he thought about it). The probability that it could kick their asses to the curb multiplied exponentially if they didn't know what the hell it was.

Multiplied exponentially.

Neku needed for this week to be over. Yesterday.

"You know, they've got a saying about insanity."


"You know it."

"It's a step away from brilliance?"

"It's repeating the same thing and expecting different results."

"So much for scientific theory, mmm?"

Neku restrained himself from kicking something skinny and pale and Joshua-shaped in the face. "Also, you."


"Don't you care that we're going to fight for our lives really, really soon?" Actually, the pair was given ten hours (in a roundabout way) to do whatever; but time was ticking, Taboo Noise kept kicking them around, and Joshua could not help but stop for every pig on the way. It had seemed easy enough; hell, the Pig was sleeping. But do so much as a breathe on it, and it'd run like it was being flame-broiled on the spot. Thus, repetition.

"I could. This is more fun." Joshua made an artist's square with his fingers and squinted while Neku stood to the side and jumped at anything black and white and and gently wafting in their direction.

Scanning. Everything was monochromatic.

"One more time!"


A flash--

The Noise dimension, and this was no longer Neku's problem.

He spun in place, doing the Pig no harm whatsoever. It was sad. Pigs were easy to Erase, but they had nothing going for them but their endurance. Just for being harmless, Neku might have actually liked Pigs, insofar as he liked anything. Except, you know, Joshua kept insisting on fighting them just to spite him.

Which brought him back to the silence.

"Joshua?" This wasn't concern. Just. "Doing all right over there?"

Cold hands covered his eyes. "Guess who?"

Deathly, eerie stillness. Then Neku turned, adding a fist into the rotation for good measure.

Joshua easily stepped outside of Neku's blow. "Easy there, champ."

"Don't 'easy there' me! You ran without touching the damn pig!"

Joshua widened his eyes, lamb-like. "What pig?"

"That-" Neku started. Then noticed.

It was gone.

"... What happened?"

"He wanted to see my boundaries."


"Didn't know he knew how to make constant variables. I wonder if a pocket void was the most efficient method, but there you go. Unprecedented. He was probably expecting something flashier, but why give him what he wants?" He looked at Neku. "Did you say something?"

"... No."

"Good. Catch." Joshua tossed over a pin, making Neku dive for it. A glimpse of the label: "Archangel".

"That means he wasn't expecting us. Tell me if you see any more Pigs; you'll thank me later."

Neku glared. No. The damn things could go running off cliffs if they wanted to. Just... leave him out of it. No more dead pigs.

Tags: fanfiction, twewy
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